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About 👋

I’m Suraj (“soo-rudge”), and I’m a Lecturer in the Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute at UC San Diego, where I teach undergraduate courses. I also run our senior capstone program – take a look at the projects our wonderful seniors produced last year here.

I graduated with BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from UC Berkeley in 2020 and 2021, respectively. There, I was advised by Josh Hug and helped create and teach courses in computer science and data science. I’m originally from Windsor, Ontario 🇨🇦.

Feel free to email me at or check out the resources listed below.

Teaching 👨‍🏫

At UC San Diego (2021-)

You can view course websites for many DSC (and adjacent) courses at

DSC 80: Practice and Application of Data Science 💪
Winter 2024Winter 2023Spring 2022

DSC 180AB: Data Science Project (Senior Capstone) 👷
Fall 2023 + Winter 2024Fall 2022 + Winter 2023

DSC 10: Principles of Data Science 📊
Fall 2023 (with Janine Tiefenbruck & Rod Albuyeh)Spring 2023Fall 2022 (with Janine Tiefenbruck & Puoya Tabaghi)Winter 2022Fall 2021 (with Janine Tiefenbruck)

DSC 95: Tutor Apprenticeship in Data Science 🧑‍🏫
Spring 2023

CSS 201S: Introduction to Python Bootcamp (Week 1 only) 🥾
Summer 2022

DSC 90: History of Data Science Seminar 📚
Spring 2022Winter 2022

DSC 40A: Theoretical Foundations of Data Science I 🧠
Fall 2021

At UC Berkeley (2016-2021)

Data 94: Introduction to Computational Thinking with Data
Spring 2021 (now known as Data 6)

Data 100: Principles and Techniques of Data Science
Summer 2020 (with Allen Shen)
TA: Fall 2020Spring 2020Fall 2019Spring 2019Fall 2018

CS 198-087: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking DeCal
Spring 2019, Fall 2018

CS 70: Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory
TA: Summer 2019

CS 375: Teaching Techniques for Computer Science
TA: Summer 2019

CS 61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
TA: Spring 2018

Data 8: Foundations of Data Science
TA: Fall 2017
Tutor: Spring 2017

Resources 🌳

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